Annette Jorna

I am the youngest of 5 children, born in New Zealand to Danish parents.
My parents, Esther and John Barrett immigrated to NZ after meeting here in the early 50’s. They settled on the North Shore in Auckland where my father built our family home. As they had no other family in NZ my parents soon made many close friends.
Danish traditions have always been kept strong in our family as has the food and the language. I have fond memories from quite a young age of visiting other Danish families for coffee and beautiful Danish food, spending days picnicking at the beach or social functions at the club and at the beach house, Valhalla. This has certainly helped keep the culture alive and to pass it on to the future generation.
For me being brought up in NZ of Danish parents has been the best of both worlds, both countries. I have always felt very privileged to be born in such a beautiful country but to also have the wonderful heritage of Denmark. Growing up I always felt more Danish than Kiwi and I know that is because of the strong traditions that my parents instilled in us.

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