Our History

From 1942 to the present day, the club has prospered and accomplished it’s aims of assistance to Danes and integration into their new country, New Zealand.

All of the pictures and information in the gallery below relating to the Danish Association was copied from an album of newspaper clippings and photos collected by Otto and Nina Hadrup. Thanks to this collection we have been able to discover more about the Auckland Danish Society history.

Danish Association

The establishment of the Danish Association at the start of WWII with the objectives of helping the Allies drive the German forces out of Denmark and assisting the Danish people through their difficulties.

War Effort

New Zealand danes raising funds for an Ambulance and the local social activities.

Danish Association Celebrations

The Association met for fellowship and social events like Christmas and Dancing.

Committees that ran the Society over the years. Their leadership kept the club energised and progressive.

Danish Society - Parnell clubhouse

The Society acquired the old Parnell movie theatre and converted it into their club facilities.

Danish Society - Valhalla

A property was purchased at Leigh for the enjoyment of members and friends.

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