There are more reasons to apply for membership in the Danish Society than just being Danish.

While the focus of the club has always been orientated in the direction of providing a link for expatriate Danes and their descendants to their ties with Denmark, it is also true that anybody with a genuine interest in Danish culture can apply.

The current membership rates and explanations of the classes of membership have been provided below.

If you have any inquiries regarding membership, please send them to:  or by post

The Danish Society (Inc)
PO Box 12279
Penrose, Auckland 1642
New Zealand

Membership Application Form
Affiliate Membership Application Form

Existing members can pay membership either via cheque or by crediting our
account number: 12-3036-0671539-00
1st reference: (please write): Membership
2nd reference: (please write): “your name
Annual Membership Rates

Term: 1st Oct. - 30 Sept. 2017-2018
Member: $65 per member
Senior rate (65 & over): $55 per member
Youth rate (18-25): $10 per member
Children under 18: Free
Family rate discount: less $30 per couple

Prices are in $NZ and include GST.

Members receive a printed copy of the club magazine each month.

The following quote is taken directly from the Danish Society’s constitution:

Ordinary Members
All persons who are or have been Nationals of Denmark, or who are descendants of Danish Nationals, or who are married to any such person, are eligible for membership as Ordinary Members. Partners in a de facto relationship with an Ordinary Member of the Society can become a full voting member (Ordinary Member) with the proviso that if said partnership fails and the pair move apart, then the non-Danish partner would revert to a non-voting status (Associate Member).

Associate Members
Persons who have a genuine interest in Denmark, its people and customs, may become associate members by application to the committee.
An Associate Member shall be entitled to all the privileges of Ordinary Members of the Society with the exception that no Associate Member may vote at any meeting of the Society and is not qualified to hold any office as member of any committee or otherwise, or to participate in the appointment of any candidate for office.

Life Members
A new member for Life can be considered on recommendation by the Committee and endorsement by a General Meeting. Upon appointment, a Life Member shall cease to be liable for any further subscriptions and shall be entitled to all the rights and privileges of Ordinary Members.

New Members
New Members of any class (except Life Members) shall be admitted after written application, upon election by a simple majority of members present at a committee meeting.

Affiliated Societies
The Society may accept affiliation from any other similar Society or Club.
The members of any such Society or Club so Affiliated to the Society, such affiliation fees as the Committee (or the Society in General Meeting) shall from time to time determine.
Any such Society or Club may be dis-affiliated from the Society on the resolution of the Members of the Society in General Meeting.

Youth Members
Youth Club Members shall be members up to the age of eighteen years.

Honorary Members
Persons of any nationality may be nominated and elected Honorary Members of the Society to honour special services rendered for the benefit of the Society.